5 Tips To Finding A Buyer For Your Property

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Hitting the property market is a daunting process for all involved. As a seller, you want to maximise your return by ensuring your home looks and feels its best. To guarantee you succeed on auction day, its essential to catch the attention of the right buyer for your property.


Stand out from the crowded Spring market with these simple styling adjustments. By readjusting the layout of furniture and changing the material of throws and curtains you’ll create an open, inviting and appealing space.

Throw in some playful seasonal accents and finishing touches to give your space the personality and character it needs to make an impact on the property market.


A good first impression starts from the moment you walk into a room. Buyers will be making all kinds of assessments as soon as they enter your home, and can be easily be lost at this initial stage.

Start on the right foot by understanding the importance of furniture placement. Large, bulky items can swallow up precious floor space and make navigating between rooms awkward and disjointed. Ensure there is a sense of flow between all areas of your home with wide open walkways.

Remove excess and unnecessary furniture from living zones, and choose small compact piecesthat maximise space in every room.



Potential buyers are drawn to homes that feel airy and bright, so it’s essential to capitalise on your home’s access to natural light. With such a crowded market, the difference a buyer choosing your property over the next comes down to your ability to monopolise on little details like lighting.

With Spring in full swing, it’s crucial to swap out thick heavy curtains for lightweight alternatives. Think sheer fabrics, linens, light cotton and synthetic curtains to uplift your home and maximise its exposure to natural light.

We recommend opting for white plantation shutters and semi-sheer blinds, as these blinds are perfect for creating beautiful sun-drenched spots in all areas of your property.



With gardens in full bloom, now is the perfect time to capture the market using indoor plants and floral arrangements. These decorative accents are instant mood boosters and will make your home stand out from the crowds on inspection day.

Lush greenery in a variety of colourful pots is ideal for creating focal points in each space. Make a statement by placing bunches of flowers in textured vases in front of mirrors, with their reflections guaranteed to add drama throughout your entire home.



Keeping current with trends in interiors is crucial to making an impact on potential buyers. Refreshing your decorative touches will give your home that added ‘wow!’ factor and ensure the market takes notice of your property.

Start with a neutral foundation, and introduce new cushions and throws to your living areas to brighten these spaces. This season, opt for hues of blue and grey for a modern look and play around with metallic furnishings to compliment these styles.



When inspecting homes, you want to sell your buyers a lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to do this with styling is to play with senses. Aside from the visual appeal of interiors, selecting the right scent for your home can make a real impact the property market.

The warmer months mean a shift to light, fresh fragrances. Burn candles and place oil burners in strategic locations such as kitchens, bathrooms and living zones. We recommend citrus scents that will leave your property with an inviting, zesty aroma.




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