Repairs & Maintenance – Who’s Responsible for what?

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While landlords will generally be responsible for both urgent and non-urgent repairs, any accidental damage caused by the tenant is the tenant’s responsibility, so if you have broken

a window or put a hole in the wall , that’s on you, you must inform your property manager straight away and they will find someone to help you.  

We’ve prepared a table of various maintenance issues and whether it’s something you’ll need to handle yourself or whether the landlord needs to take it on:


Urgent Repair – Landlords responsibility General Repair – Landlords Responsibility Tenant’s Responsibility
Electricity/Gas/Water supply, including leaks or major faults Broken appliances eg. Dishwasher Accidental damage eg. Stains on carpets
Blocked or broken toilets Water damage caused by burst pipe Nails or hooks put in the wall without permission
Unsafe lifts/staircases/balconies Loose or cracked tiles or floorboards Damage caused by pets
Major flood damage or damage from fallen tree on powerlines Loose or broken fittings such as door handles, blinds, shower door rollers or curtains Excessive marks on walls
Any holes in roof Taps, tap washers or shower heads that are dripping Any mould or soap scum issues in a bathroom caused by lack of cleaning



Don’t forget when maintenance issues do arise, head to our website and log all maintenance through the tenant forms to notify your property manager immediately.