So what comes first.. the vendor or the buyer?

After just having the biggest month our office has seen, it was interesting to take a look at what contributed to its success. It didn’t take long to establish that some of our biggest sales have actually been “off-market” deals with no marketing or public showings. In each of these situations the buyer had already been put into our database following an online enquiry, phone call, or after the open home of an active listing. While these buyers were initially waiting for us to notify them of a newly listed property that suits their needs, our question somehow changed from “do you like this one?” “what do you want?”.

Knowing the buildings in our focus area so intimately enables us to know exactly where to find the key attributes that a particular buyer is looking for.. of course, providing it exists. In a sellers market where the number of active listings are so limited, our focus has unexpectedly evolved from trying to find vendors, to trying to find properties. This is all done in the capacity of a selling agent, and not a buyers agent. This position allows us an opportunity to run the property to market and retain the opportunity, should a discrete sale not eventuate.