Ways you can stop mould growth in your home



Below is a list of ways you can reduce excess moisture and humidity within your home, which will aid in keeping mould at bay.


– Keep windows and walls dry inside the home by ventilating rooms with open windows or doors or by using extractor fans, wipe away condensation and heat rooms with dry heat

– Ensure good ventilation at all times


Family / Lounge Area

– Carpets/rugs should be regularly aired & cleaned to prevent mould harbourage

– Let the sun into your home by opening curtains and blinds during the day

– Open windows and doors when possible to help with ventilation

– Do not have to many indoor plants

– Ensure that regular cleaning is conducted; dirt and dust are a contributing factor to mould growth.



–  Cooking can generate large amounts of steam. Run the exhaust or range hood fan to prevent the build up of steam indoors. Also open the windows where possible.

– Try using lids on pots and saucepans to avoid steam build up.

–  Ensure exhaust fan or range hood is cleaned regularly to avoid blockages



– When you take a hot bath or shower, run the exhaust fan to prevent build up of moisture on the ceiling and walls.

– Open the bathroom windows afterwards to allow the moisture to escape.

– Ensure the exhaust fan is clean and clear of fluff at all times.

–  Clean and dry surfaces that get wet regularly.

– When filling your bath, add cold first, this reduces the steam produced



– Dry your clothes and shoes thoroughly before you put them away.

– When using a drier with a vent on the front, open a window to avoid moisture building up on the walls and ceilings.

–  Dry clothes out of doors or in a cool area of the premises – this latter suggestion may sound strange, it will take longer but less moisture will be held in the air at any one time


Bedrooms & Cupboards

–  Open blinds and curtains to warm rooms with sunlight

–  Keep cupboards and bedrooms uncluttered and well ventilated

–  Store dry items in sealed plastic containers

– Maintain good air movement in storage areas



–  Providing a continuous low level of dry heat can reduce condensation and mould growth. Continuous, even heating will allow warmth to penetrate the walls and ceilings.

– On cool days try to keep the inside temperature at least 5°C higher than the outside temperature.



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